The Israel Solidarity Campaign (ISC)

ISC is a non-partisan membership organisation working to strengthen Israel's future (in accordance with the Jerusalem Programme) by:

  • Increasing support for Israel across the UK
  • Articulating a proud, modern and unapologetic Zionist vision
  • Supporting and promoting Zionist activity in the UK
  • Strengthening the sense of value and pride in Zionist activism
  • Improving the current discourse about Zionism
  • Providing new resources & meaningful solutions to Zionist groups in the UK

ISC already has over 500 members and a young leaders section.
ISC is an affiliate of the new global ‘Over the Rainbow’ movement, which works to lead the Zionist movement into the 21st century, based upon values of transparency, openness and relevance.
Together with ‘Over The Rainbow’ , ISC will develop the links between Diaspora communities and Israel, emphasising our shared values and concerns.
Our members are committed to promoting a positive future for British Zionism in the 21st century.
We invite you to become part of this vision by joining us now.

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The Israel Solidarity Campaign (ISC)

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